A New Innovation in the LED Revolution Arrives

Introducing the Newest Cygnus Family Member: Cygnus Incite 375W Profile

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A new innovation in the LED revolution has arrived with the introduction of the newest Cygnus family member – Cygnus Incite 375W Profile. Wybron takes another leap forward in LED technology, delivering an extraordinarily bright profile light with patent pending color mixing technology and a remarkably high color rendering index of 92.

Boasting an exceptionally high 6400 lumen field, while only consuming a maximum of 375 watts, the Incite offers as much as 10x the brightness of competing fixtures. Bright output with low power consumption results in an exceptional lumens-per-watt efficiency, translating into significant up-front and long-term savings.

“Incite packs all the features you’d expect to find in today’s fixture package, consisting of self-contained power supply, color changer and dimmer into one energy efficient, incredibly reliable, cost effective profile light.”, states John Sondericker, Wybron VP of Research and Development.

In keeping with Wybron’s dedication to quality, special attention was paid to features that many other manufacturers overlook. One of these features is a quiet, advanced thermal management system that ensures optimal output and consistent color over longer life spans. In fact, it’s so cool you can print your own gobos.

Those working with video and film will appreciate the flicker-free high shutter speed, even at 1/6000 of a second exposure. Furthermore, Incite’s patent-pending RGBW system puts forth brilliant, intense color, with an 80,000:1 dimming ratio, a smooth, true fade to zero and completely eliminates rainbow shadowing.

“Wybron has a reputation for making quality, professional grade products,” says owner Keny Whitright. “We knew right from the start that the Incite was going to have to be an exceptional light to meet the market’s, and our, expectations.”

Incite 375W Profile rounds out the Cygnus family, now offering a complete line of color calibrated LED luminaires, fulfilling the needs for all indoor lighting design.

About Wybron Inc. - For over 30 years, Wybron has been a market leader in lighting innovation, dedicated to creating, manufacturing and marketing products that advance the art of lighting. Wybron invests heavily in engineering, research and development to remain on the cutting-edge of entertainment, church and architectural lighting, providing solutions to stay ahead of the rapidly changing needs and demands of the industry.