CXI IT: Color Mixing for Stage Lights

You can mix over 400 distinct colors and lots of shades in between. CXI uses Cyan-Magenta-Yellow color mixing to give the designers lots of flexibility. All the accesories can mount on the front and CXI IT uses our standard power supplies for easy power and signal distribution.

CXI IT – Dual-Scroller Color Mixing

What is a scrolling color changer?

All three of these product families is a version of the scrolling colorchanger invented first by Wybron in 1980. What is a scrolling colorchanger? See the pictures and a quick explanation.

How does it work, you might ask? "Pretty well" is the wiseacre answer to that. It is also a fact. Over three decades, our scrolling changers have been used around the world in widely varying situations. From rental houses to museums, Wybron scrollers have become synonymous with reliability.

Why do I need one, is the next question? Richard Pilbrow says in his book "Stage Lighting Design, The Art, The Craft, The Life", lighting has "four controllable properties: intensity, color, distribution, and movement". Color is second on the list for a very good reason: it is necessary to convey mood and time and place. Additionally, lighting angle (part of Pilbrow's distribution) is critical to making people and objects look natural and real. A fixture with a color changer keeps the angle the same, while allowing variance in the color.