Coloram IT: 20 Years in the Making

Our latest model of scrolling color changer has been cooking for more than 20 years. Coloram IT (for Infotrace) is now in its 3rd generation of a product that was first used by Carnival Cruise lines over 20 years ago. Since then Coloram has been found in all the venues where performance and reliability are highly valued.

What you need to know

Coloram IT uses a remote power supply which combines signal with power for easy installation. The color changers can be daisy chained within limits. Large number of sizes allow for adapting to nearly any size lighting fixture.

While we have only been making Coloram for 20 years, we invented the scrolling color changer in 1980. See the pictures and a quick explanation.

How does it work, you might ask? "Pretty well" is the wiseacre answer to that. It is also a fact. Over three decades, our scrolling changers have been used around the world in widely varying situations. From rental houses to museums, Wybron scrollers have become synonymous with reliability.

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  • We make an iPhone app to help you pick colors and order gel strings.