Wybron 7510 Cygnus 100W Color Wash LED Stage Light

LED Color Wash with Interchangeable Lenses


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The Cygnus 100W Color Wash provides more than five times the brightness of comparable products with incredibly smooth, vibrant color. The 100W Cygnus fixtures feature 48 CREE LEDs in a quad package for high lumen density.


Having a really bright fixture is great, but the ability to change beam size is crucial to getting the job done. Now with interchangeable lenses, you can quickly go between very narrow or medium flood patterns without losing brightness or clarity of light. The choice is yours - upon ordering, specify the lens kit 16º (very narrow) or 24º (medium flood) to be installed and add the second beam angle as a lens kit.

Better light. Using white plus colors gives better CRI so costumes and scenery and actors look better and more natural. Quad packages eliminate rainbow shadows which are distracting and unrealistic.


Embedded technology used in manufacturing for color balancing is also used to automatically control slave features. None of this technology is visible to the end user, but is very important to the consistency and ease of use.


Cygnus has been RDM compatible from the start. Any fixture feature can be remotely controlled. Any parameter that is measured, such as temperature or running time, can be reported. If any software upgrades become available, they can be uploaded into a fixture in a working rig without dismounting or disconnecting the fixture.


  • Interchangeable lens options - one beam angle included with order, second can be added to order as a lens kit
  • RGBW individual color channels gives users limitless color palette
  • In-lens color mixing with CREE quad-die LEDs
  • 2000ºK to 7500ºK CCT
  • True dimming ratio over 200,000:1 using 8 or 16 bits
  • Stand-alone mode uses 8 user-programmable cues / master-slave mode / strobe mode
  • Built-in high-speed mode for flicker-free film and video.

Specs for Wybron 7510 Cygnus 100W Color Wash LED Stage Light

  • Model Number: 7510
  • Height: 6.5" / Width: 6.4" / Length: 10.6" / Weight: 9.16 lbs
  • Peak Power Consumption: 100 Watts
  • Peak CRI: 92
  • Peak Lumens: 2146
  • Beam Angle / Field Angle: VN 16º / 27º
  • Beam Angle / Field Angle: MF 24º / 42º
  • Lamp Life: 60,000 hours
  • 5-pin XLR connector for DMX and RDM feedback

Cygnus Accessories

    • 751-03-14.................16º VN (Very Narrow) Interchangeable Lens Kit - 100W
    • 751-03-15.................24º MF (Medium Flood) Interchangeable Lens Kit - 100W
    • 750-03-06.................Cygnus Diffusion Filter - Narrow
    • 750-03-07.................Cygnus Diffusion Filter - Medium
    • 750-03-08.................Cygnus Diffusion Filter - Wide
    • 750-03-09.................Cygnus Diffusion Filter - 5°X 30° Elongated
    • 750-03-05.................Cygnus Diffusion Filter Kit (includes all 4 filters above)
    • 750-03-03.................Double Yoke
    • 256-08-21.................C-Clamp