Wybron Gel Swatch Library HD iPad App

New for iOS 6

3 great new tools and lots of new colors

Combine gels

It has always been easy to compare any two gels, and now you can combine two gels. The resultant color swatch is shown with 12 similar colors in case the color you created already exists. Naturally, you can compare the similar colors with the custom combination to see how close it is. Spectral Emissions Data is available for all the colors on your screen.

Light sources

The biggest request from users is "What does this gel look like in front of a PAR light, or an HMI?" Now you can find out with one tap of a finger. Check out Lee's new Cool LED gel in front of a 6500K LED source.

Color Picker

A new color picker allows you to dial in a color you like using the HSL or RGB color space and then find the nearest similar gels to that color. Then jump right back into the swatch book of that new color by touching the color swatch.

New Colors

We have just added over 350 new colors from all the manufacturers. And even better, there is a new update feature so new colors, new light sources and even new manufacturers can be added without going back to the App store for an entire new download.

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The Gel Swatch Library HD runs on any iPad running iOS 4.3 and above and can be purchased or updated for free through Apple’s App Store.

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