Standard Light Gels – In Stock Now for Theatre or Rock & Roll Performances

Wybron offers two standard types of 16 frame light gels. Our theatre scroll contains subtle pastel colors while the rock-n-roll set contains more saturated shades. We recognize that in many cases our customers need a new standard light gel NOW. That’s why we carry a large supply of standard light gels, and ship within 24 hours of placing your order.

Wybron Theatre Colors
16 Frame String

1. Clear Leader
2. G480 Medium Yellow
3. G385 Light Amber
4. G340 Light Bastard Amber
5. G335 Coral
6. G345 Deep Amber
7. G270 Red Orange
8. G195 Nymph Pink
9. G120 Bright Pink
10. G970 Special Lavender
11. G948 African Violet
12. G720 Light Steel Blue
13. G810 Moon Blue
14. G850 Blue (Primary)
15. G540 Pale Green
16. G690 Bluegrass

Theatre String

Wybron Rock-n-Roll Colors
16 Frame String

1. Clear Leader
2. G450 Saffron
3. G345 Deep Amber
4. G355 Amber Flame
5. G245 Light Red
6. G250 Medium Red XT
7. G120 Bright Pink
8. G995 Orchid
9. G948 African Violet
10. G930 Real Congo Blue
11. G810 Moon Blue
12. G835 Aztec Blue
13. G850 Blue (Primary)
14. G710 Blue Green
15. G690 Bluegrass
16. G655 Rich Green

Rock String

Order Our Standard Light Gels Online with Color Express

We make it easy to order online and allow you to view all of your past orders in case you want to do a quick re-order.

Wybron has a long history of excellence and our standard light gels are assembled using the same high standards as all of our other products. We understand how color contributes in conveying mood, time of day, and place during a performance and how it is used to tell a story. That is why we first developed our innovative scrolling color changer and why we continue to manufacture our own gel strings.

Wybron works hard to design products that give our customers more creative options and flexibility when using our equipment. We provide detailed information on all of our products including troubleshooting guides, fixture compatibility, and capacity. Please contact us if you need further information.

Wybron is the leading manufacturer and inventor of professional stage lighting equipment that has changed how the industry looks at the art of lighting. We pride ourselves on developing and engineering products that outperform in reliability, quality, and superior design. We employ the same standard of excellence in assembling our custom and standard light gels.