Wybron Closes Doors After 35 Years of Innovation in Stage Lighting Industry


Wybron, a leading stage lighting supplier announced today that the company will close its doors on June 30, 2013.

The company is best known for transforming entertainment, church and architectural industries with its innovation of cutting-edge lighting products.

“For years, the stage lighting industry has been led by companies with three-letter names,” said President and CEO Keny Whitright. “PRG, ETC, ELS, TMB, and BMI are just a few of these. For 35 years Wybron struggled through with the burden of a six-letter name,” Whitright said laughing, “We finally realized we have too many letters in the company name. It was time to close the doors.”

Whitright said that closing the Wybron manufacturing plant is bittersweet. “I will miss the business that I know and love. But, I am looking forward to scaling back and becoming an FTD man. Fishing, Traveling and Driving my cars will fill most of my days,” said Whitright. “Notice that I am planning to carry the three letter theme into my retirement.”

Wybron will host an online garage sale starting June 14, 2013, in order to liquidate its remaining new and used products and spare parts. It will offer amazing deals and extraordinary closeout pricing. Visit the Wybron website at www.wybron.com beginning June 14 to learn more about the garage sale offers.