Infotrace: the complete feedback system

With the introduction of Remote Device Management as an industry standard,it is now possible to remotely configure lighting systems as well as monitor the status and errors that all RDM equipped stage lights can give you. Infogate, part of the Infotrace system simplifies all that into an easy to use display to allow busy technicians to completely monitor their lighting systems.

Infotrace family

  • Innovation Award, PLASA, 2006
  • Best Debuting Product Award, LDI, 2006
  • New Product Award, Worship Facilities Conference and Expo, 2006
  • Editors' Choice: Top Products, Buildings magazine, 2007

Imagine checking your lighting equipment and diagnosing any problems without grabbing a ladder or strapping on a harness. It's possible with Wybron's award-winning Infotrace™ Control and Management System, which gives you the tools to manage your rig without leaving your computer. Using the two-way communication protocol Remote Device Management, or RDM, Infotrace enables you to inspect and address everything in your lighting system, managing it and knowing that it works.

Infotrace lets you:

  • Automate the setup of DMX addresses – no more setting DIP switches by hand
  • Proactively check the condition of equipment before, during and after a show
  • Track lamp duty cycles and predict lamp failure before it happens
  • Predict when to perform maintenance on equipment
  • Know when to replace a gelstring before it degrades

... and much more.

The heart of the system is Infogate. This specialized software uses RDM to let you remotely address and run diagnostics on potentially every piece of equipment mounted on a rig. Infogate works with all of Wybron's IT products and all RDM-compatible equipment from any other manufacturer.